Luton airport is easily accessible from every part of London. There are many transport options to and from the airport not forgetting the numerous motor ways. The airport has put in place ample security, free Wifi, airport lounges and a kids’ friendly environment.

The airport has cozy lounges for a traveler that needs to spend the night to catch an early flight. They are fitted with charging facilities, television, music and free WiFi. The lounges have facilities like cold/hot and alcoholic beverages. They are smoke free zones and are available for international and domestic travellers. They operate from 0400Hrs to 2145 hrs but go for longer hours during peak seasons.

The check-in time varies according to one’s destination. International travellers check -in three hours before take off. Those that need to travel to Europe have to check-in two hours prior. Local traveler have to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before time.

Make inquiries with the airline of your choice on the luggage size they allow into the cabin. Space consuming luggage is stored in the aircraft hold. Some liquids like lotions and gels are not allowed into the cabin.

Ample baby changing facilities are available for the children. Upon request you could get a staff to warm the baby’s bottle for you. There are many food shops in the airport too. Facilities to entertain children are present to allow for a time of quiet for a parent.

Would you like to know how to get to Luton Airport ? You can access Luton Airport during any time of the day without much hassle. You could use a train, National express coaches, buses and taxis. The airport is strategically located with all major roads leading to it. This factor makes Luton airport parking convenient for self-drive.

Getting to Luton Airport via train

Avoid last minute rush for train tickets because this attracts an additional fee. This process is hassle- free because you do your booking online. The train is available every ten minutes between the airport’s parkway and the Terminal. People with disabilities are required to do their bookings a day before to ensure they get personalised train services.

Getting to Luton via use of coaches

The London Luton airport is easily accessible from all the major towns in London like Birmingham, Liver pool, Manchester, Heat row airport, Northampton, Gatwick Airport, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and East Midland. The coach services run for 24 hours. They pick and drop you off at the front of the Terminal Building in the airport.

Via Taxis

The airport is connected with more than 500 taxi companies. The companies are conversant with providing services for the airport. They offer different rates thus competitive prices.
Uber services are easily available too. You can get Uber free ride at a cost of £15 to and from the airport.

The Luton airport has all the facilities to ensure you get comfortable before, during, and after your flight.