Security checks are an indispensable part of security sensitive locations like airports. Having complete information about the security process not only minimises last minute confusions but also plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the security process. Hence, being aware of the detailed security information of Luton Airport beforehand is essential and time-saving.

It’s Better To Arrive Early and Wait

It is not a delightful experience to reach the airport early and wait, but it’s better than having a nerve wrecking experience catching your flight at the last moment. On arriving early, you get the benefit of not standing in long queues and completing your security process on time. With the traffic scenario changing instantly, even the most accurate time estimates to reach the airport fail. Moreover, you require time to get inside from the Luton Airport Parking.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are measures you can take to lessen the stoppages associated with passing through the security checks. Check out the list below.

– Keep your passport and boarding pass handy.- If there are any liquid or semi-liquids substance, keep them ready for checking.- Don’t forget to place the electronic items in the x-ray machine.- Be ready to remove your shoes, coats and jackets for a thorough check.

Size and Kind of Hand Baggage Permitted

Any luggage that you carry with yourself in the plane is a hand baggage. Even though the size of hand baggage allowed varies across airlines, at Luton Airport, tourists are allowed a single item of hand bags with the maximum size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

Electronic items- tablets, laptops, audio devices, etc. and necessary medical equipment are allowed in the hand baggage but require independent screening.

Restrictions on Liquids

If you’re planning to carry liquids in your bag, then you must be aware of the following rules and regulations.

#1 Keep the fluid in your hand baggage.

#2 List of Liquid Items Allowed:

Drinking water, liquid soaps, syrups and tonics, skin and bath creams and lotions, oil, makeup, perfumes and deodorants, shaving foam, aftershave lotion, hair sprays, contact lens solution, mouth wash, tooth paste, baby food, baby milk and any other liquids of comparable viscosity.

#3 Limit the quantity of the liquid to 100 ml or less.

#4 Seal the items in a transparent bag and tighten the tubes or bottles to avoid spillage.

#5 Your liquid possessions may be subjected to judicious checking.

#6 Hot beverages are not allowed onboard.

#7 You are allowed to carry one lighter and electric cigarette per person on the flight.

Medical Material Information

You can carry medicines in pressurised bottles, with a limit up to 500 ml or 500 gm each, and the cumulative limit of 2 L or 2 Kg. To avoid unnecessary issues, carry your prescription with you. For equipment like oxygen cylinders and prosthetic limbs, it is important to provide a doctor’s permission.

Forbidden Items

Several banned items are not allowed to be carried in the Luton Airport. They are:

– Weapons and sidearms- Tear gas- Inflammable solutions- Mercury instruments- Magnetic instruments- Scissors with a blade more than 3 cm in size- Fishing rods- Bleaching Powder- Paints and Thinners- Radioactive substances- Acids and corrosive material

Being aware of the security information of Luton Airport can be a big-time saver and make the airport experience stress-free for you. For more information, please contact the airport help-desk.