Luton airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK. There are hundreds of flights leaving and landing at all hours of the day, the airport is a 24 hour busy hive of activity. If you are catching a flight or simply at the airport terminal to meet someone flying in, there are plenty of things that you will find inside that will keep you engaged and make your time at the airport more pleasurable!

Pleasure might be a strange concept to attach to an airport but that’s what most people wish they could experience at any airport. There are plenty of things to do inside Luton airport, plenty of things that will keep your mind busy and help to kill time.


Ever shop at the airport? There are plenty of shops at the Luton airport. You could simply wander about, do some window shopping or buy anything that catches your eye. Think about the benefits of duty free shopping and the great deals you can get on merchandise that might not be so easily available elsewhere.

Eating and drinking

Luton airport has a number of great restaurants where you can grab a meal. You can chose from a number of sit-down restaurants or take away places. There are also great coffee shops and bars. You have a choice of different cuisines from Italian food as basic as Pizza to something more decadent. You could have the best American style burger at served at a London airport or have authentic Japanese Sushi. The dining and drinking establishments in Luton Airport cater to anyone, whether travelling alone or with company, travelling for business or travelling for pleasure. You will be given the executive treatment to make your spending your time in the airport memorable.

Free Wi-Fi

You can get up to 4 hours of free Wi-Fi connection at Luton airport. You can use your laptop or mobile device to get onto the internet through the Virgin WiFi connection available in the terminal building. This means you can get to finish your last minute work reports, check and respond to your emails, surf the net, and remember to wish your Grandma happy birthday via Skype.

Living the executive lounge dream

Ever wondered what happens behind the doors that lead into the exclusive executive lounge? You don’t have to wonder. At Luton, you don’t need a first class ticket to enjoy first class hospitality and treatment. For a small fee, you could spend time at the Aspire Executive Lounge where you could lounge around on sumptuous chairs, enjoy great food and drinks and takes nap in a SnoozePod. You will also find a spa in the Executive lounge area. You can treat yourself to some serious pampering like massage treatments, facial treatments and mani-pedis to get you looking good and refreshed for your next destination.

Luton has it all, including great transport and shuttle services. If you worried about finding parking,here at  Luton Airport Parking, we make it easy by allowing you to pre-book parking space.

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