Most of the time, we have to wait a few hours before we board our flights and at times this wait can be somewhat tiring, especially when the flight is delayed for certain reasons we should not ordinarily be encountered.

But the thing is, since we didn’t plan to exhaust our data at the airport, surfing the internet to kill the boredom at that point in time could be quite dis heartening knowing that you could make good use of that data on more productive things, not just at the airport for the sake of whiling away the time!

Now, here’s the good part. While the wait at the airport cannot be avoided or immediately solved personally, there is a way to make the most of the moment and enjoy every bit of it without incurring any data costs. Too good to be true? well here it is – Free wifi!
At Luton Airport Parking, apart from safeguarding vehicles parked in our custody, we care so much about our customers’ convenience which is why besides providing free black cab ride to and from the Luton International airport so they don’t have to miss the convenient mobility of your vehicle, we want to ensure that while you wait for your scheduled flight, you make the most of your time by tapping into Luton International Airport’s wifi.

Of course access to this wifi is free but since it is a very busy airport, most people are not aware of this. Below are a few ways to access the free wifi at the Luton airport.

How to take advantage of free wifi at Luton Airport

(1) The first option is the easiest- put on your hotspot, connect to the wifi and browse as much as you want till you are called in. Well, this would be best if there are no restrictions of time period allowed or even password request. But not to worry, there are ways around them.

(2) For a password secured wifi, all you have to do is add ?.jpg at the end of the website url you wish to visit and bingo, you are up.

(3) For a time restricted wifi package, you could browse as much as you want by simply reversing the time of your mobile device before the allowed time is exhausted. For instance, if the wifi is allowed for say 30 minutes, before the time is up, you could draw back the time by 20 minutes and repeat the process to browse for as long as you want.

See, we’ve always got your back!. Now that you know, remember to book a parking space with us when next you are scheduled for a flight at Luton Airport.

Bon Voyage!