First time to go to an airport and you don’t have a clue on airport procedures and guidelines? These are some of the big issues that affect travellers each day leaving them in disarray before even checking in for their flight. Below are our top tips to for any airport traveler to consider before checking in:


One top point to consider is booking your flight in advance. Booking your flight in advance ensures you get a seat comfortable enough for you for the long journey ahead. In addition, booking flights early is cheaper than booking a few days to the flight date, this saving you more money. Try not to book your flight on a weekend, when airports are busiest.

Flight status

This tops the list of tips to consider. Always confirm your flight status before leaving your house. Check whether your flight is still in place or canceled. Confirm your actual flight time, verify your documents ensuring you haven’t forgotten any document. Arrange them in an orderly manner and place them in a easy accessible bag or wallet. This avoids fumbling in your bag looking for your id or passport lost in your bag.


Another top tip consider is checking in early at the airport before flight check in time. This gives you enough time to assess all your documents and confirm everything is in place. This gives you the advantage of buying your own food or drinks and any other item that you may need as you wait for your flight.


Its advisable to pack light when travelling. Avoid over weight luggages. This is mainly to avoid a lot of time consumed in security screening. Another top tip is to place jewellery/metallic in one place. This is to avoid setting off the alarms and subjecting yourself to long screening. Its very important to know your airline’s baggage-fee policy. This ensure you don’t carry what is not allowed in planes. Check in the airports Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) to ensure you don’t carry any illegal item. Make sure your bags comply with size/weight restrictions and safety regulations of both the country of departure and the country of arrival.

Vehicle Packing

The main point when considering car parking for a holiday or business trip is the cost. Booking your parking online and in advance  with us can save you a lot. Here at Luton Airport Parking, pre-booking your parking online can save you up to 50%. We offer the best, cheapest and most secure parking having received reviews from many travellers worldwide. Check online availability before arrival to avoid wasting time searching for parking space.


An additional top tip is to confirm your check in gate on arrival. Ensure you identify your flight gate to avoid last minute frantic search. Ask for assistance from any airport attendant/employee. Go to your gate immediately and check the updates on your flight.Updates are usually displayed on large screens mounted on the walls.

EntertainmentIts advisable to carry your own entertainment materials i.e magazines movies to keep you entertained during the trip. Cary your laptop/tablet to use the free wifi.